A Simple Gift


Two steps at a Time coverI surprised myself today.

I had to run errands. I went to the bus stop and the bus was just driving away. The sign said it would be another thirty six minutes until the next bus. I didn’t want to wait that long and so made a snap decision. I decided to walk.

I had to go to the post office and get a parcel. It was a few blocks away, about a fifteen minute walk when I was walking at my normal speed. I knew walking this time would take longer but I thought I could do it.

I merely put one foot in front of the other and sang a little bit to myself:

One step, two steps, three steps four…

It took a long time, half an hour or more. However, I made it all the way there and didn’t trip or fall once. I was so encouraged by my success that I decided to walk back too. I stumbled a bit going back but didn’t fall.

I decided to see what else I could do. My body was co-operating with me so why not use that to my advantage? I did the groceries and even took out the garbage and recycling, carrying them up a flight of stairs.

I was even able to lift the garbage can up to put the garbage in the dumpster. Then I walked down that stairs and wondered what my body was going to do. I’ve waited most of the day and nothing has happened.

I’ll more than likely pay for the work out tomorrow. Though I wasn’t moving as quickly or as well as I used to, I was able to do what I set my mind to. I surprised myself today, or rather, my body surprised.

Some would think it odd to look at what happened today as nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to get worked up over but it has been a completely pain free day where I was 90% in control of my body and I was able to get around like I used to. Even though I had my cane, I felt like a part of my old self had come back.

Even if it was just for a day, it was the greatest of gifts.

For that, I am thankful.

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