A Grateful Celebration

Two steps at a Time coverToday was the first time I’d allowed myself beer since December. I’ve been afraid to drink it lately.

I always remember the time over the holiday season when I went to have a beer and couldn’t stand up. However, I was celebrating today. It’s been a week that I’ve walked without the cane. I’ve had a whole week where I standing and walking better.

Today was a celebration for me. At work, one of the women I know gave me a high ten, both hands in the air, because she knew it had been a week. Other people noticed I was doing better. I even played an epic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. It was a great day, a wonderful one.

I even allowed myself to have some dairy. There were two cakes: a Red Velvet cake, which I have never properly tasted and a wonderful carrot cake. I ended up with a big piece of the Red Velvet, and had to share most of it, but I had half the icing. I even treated myself to a cupcake. All of them were lovely.

When I met up with my friend tonight for drinks, I decided that I have a beer and see how I was afterwards. That would let me know how my body was.

I was able to handle the beer and better still, I was able to walk down the stairs to the bathroom. It was down two small flights of stairs. They weren’t near as intimidating as they would have been normally.

I even stayed for another beer and repeated the process. Two times I met with success. I decided that I didn’t want to test it with a third beer but the point is that two beers and gone home without my cane and I wasn’t wobbly, dizzy or off balance. I was okay. Better than okay.

It’s funny to think of today being a celebration. However, that’s what it was for me. I did everything you’re supposed to do in a good party: Have fun, spend time with people you like and love, have cake (very important!), take part in some party games and, if you can, have some libation. Sure, I did it over the course of a whole day, not all at one party, but I did it.

All day long, it’s as if a candle or a flame has been burning bright inside of me. So I’ve got the cake, people, awesome food, libation and the candles, but we’re still missing one thing. You’re supposed to get a present when you celebrate something right?

So I’m celebrating by giving myself this blog post. So I can remember that anything is possible and I have much to celebrate and so much to be grateful for, and that is so totally awesome.

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