Simple Things and Small Victories

Two steps at a Time coverOver the past few days, new symptoms are showing themselves.

The tremors have begun. It’s only been happening during the simple things: adjusting my glasses, checking my blackberry.  I go to press a button and my finger slips; I go to adjust my glasses and my hand can’t quite grasp them. Zippers and buttons have become a chore for me and it takes me twice as long as it use to do up my coat.

Typing is also becoming a challenge. I can’t write by hand anymore so I type everything out. Often while I’m typing my fingers will hit the wrong keys, no matter how many times I type the word. I’ll usually resort to one finger typing to make sure I hit the right key.

I’ve also been having trouble with keys. It takes me forever to get a key into a lock. It doesn’t matter what kind of key or lock it is, this doesn’t discriminate. Every time I go to put a key into a lock, it won’t go in. I always drop the key. Eventually I’m able to guide it in, but it takes a while.

However, I look at it this way: they are all simple things, ordinary things I didn’t think twice about doing before. Now they have become small mountains to climb throughout the day-but here’s the thing: each simple thing I’m able to do is a small victory.

I never thought I would let out a breath of relief every time I did up my coat or put a key in a lock, but I do. More than that, I’m not letting the MS win. Oh, it’s won on quite a few other things, but not with the simple things.

Each simple thing that I’m able to accomplish is a small victory and I celebrate each one.

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