Inside the Fog

Two steps at a Time coverI have been experiencing a lot of fatigue lately.

Just in general, I’ve been very tired. I sleep for seven to eight hours a night and get plenty of rest-but the body fog comes without warning. This week has been particularly difficult with what life had been bringing to my doorstep, so I haven’t been sleeping well. Yes, I get my full nights sleep, but its not restive sleep.

This Saturday, I was attending an MS info session with the MS Society of Ottawa. They had dimmed the lights so we could watch a movie about Multiple Sclerosis. I had trouble keeping my eyes open. Not because of the subject matter of the film (which was fascinating) but because I just wanted to sleep so badly all of a sudden. It went away, but its pull was strong.

Later, I had difficulty focusing at dinner, the fog was so tempting. It wasn’t a body fog this time, but a brain one. I met so many lovely people at the MS 101 gathering and I could remember none of their names. My mother told me the name of one girl from the meeting numerous times, and I could still not remember it.

I do remember one name only because she friended me on Facebook and I can look it up. However, I don’t remember her mothers name, even though she was totally awesome.

Today, while out again with my parents, the body fog came back. I was falling asleep in the car and just let it lull me, the fog pulling at me with its fingers of smoke. I was slow all day and walking was difficult. I was wobbly and unsteady on my feet.

I went grocery shopping and ended up having to carry four bags home in both of my hands. I just walked slowly, one step, two steps at a time. Coming into my apartment, I fell on the front stairs. I was able to prevent myself from having a serious fall, but the after effects were jarring, both from carrying the groceries and the half fall.

Now I am doing what I should have done earlier today: I am resting. I am sitting still. The pull of the fog is still there, the brain fog and body fog still strong. Eventually, well before my normal bedtime, I will give in to sleep.

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