Laughing Diamonds

Today, I am a bevy of nerves.

My muscles twitch underneath my skin, vibrating within their shell and I wonder if one day they will work themselves free.

The weekend was spent in almost total comfort, something that hasn’t happened in a long time. It may have helped that my mind was on other things: writing, reading a good book. But my repast was to last a short while.

Today I woke on shaky legs, trying to force my feet one in front fo the other, taking one step at a time. I felt needles biting my feet, sharp hungry teeth, snapping at me when I took a step.

Sometimes it feels like fire, soft little licks on the soles of my feet. Other days it feel like something, someone, is biting me there. Today it feel like I am walking on glass, those precarious diamonds that thirst for blood.

Every step today has been complimented by sharp pains in my leg joints. This is not Elephant Leg Pain, I am not the Elephant Man today. Today it is all about deep pain, something within the muscle that wants to work itself free so that it breathes the air around me.

I wonder if the twin is laughing at me?

About Jamieson Wolf

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