Glass Slippers

I wonder if I have glass on the soles of my feet.

I look at them, run my hands along the bottom; my feet feel normal. They feel alright, the skin of my feet rough from walking and day to day life. I feel for the glass and the hidden diamonds that are there, that I KNOW are there, but they don’t show themselves.

For two days now, my leg muscles have been in revolt and my feet have now joined the brigade. It is as if they have signed a petition, voicing their displeasure at having to walk me from point A to point B. When I walk, pain flares up my legs and at the bottoms of my feet and I wonder, vaguely, if I am wearing glass slippers. Perhaps the slippers have shards to dig into my feet, giving me better traction?

Whatever the reason for the pain, I keep walking. I try not to let it bother me, this cache of diamonds inside my skin, this twin that resides just below the surface of me.

I wonder why Cinderella thought glass slippers to be beautiful when, for me, they are quite painful.

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