Marshmellow Fire

The pain has moved.

Today it is my legs that are suffering. Specifically, my right leg. Every step I take with it sends a hot jab of pain up my calves, spreading from my ankle to my leg joint at my hip

I wonder if I glued glass to the bottoms of my feet during the night and take my shoes off to find out. No, just my feet, just my normal feet. Just my normal skin that houses uncomfortableness.

Every time my right shoulder throbs, my right leg answers. My left leg will answer weakly, as if it hasn’t gotten up the courage to cause me more discomfort; though I know it’s time will come soon. It’s usually never far behind.

I am reminded of the movie Alien where the beast came out of the mans chest. I wonder, if I found an opening, what would come out of me?

I try stretching my legs, feeling the muscles spasm at the first attempt. Being stubborn, I stretch them again, feeling the burn that has nothing to do with healthy exercise.

Feel the burn, feel the burn, feel the burn. I touch my leg where the muscles spasm in my calf and it feels hot; the skin feels as if it could burn my hand and I wonder if I will be consumed by fire from the inside out.

If this happened, I wonder where I could find marshmellows at a moments notice.

About Jamieson Wolf

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