Stumble and Disdain

My legs are continuing to betray me.

I don’t know why they have it in for me, but they do. I wonder if that twin of mine, the one who rests inside my body, has hired my legs to do me in, to take me down.

On my way to work this morning I was walking and then, suddenly, I wasn’t. It felt like I was falling, sinking to the side. I had gone to take a step only to have my other leg give out, give way.

I stumbled, hands out in front of me. I was able to right myself, to straighten up. I could feel the spasms in my right leg and they thrummed and hummed under my skin. I stood where I was for a moment, trying to make sure that I was alright, that I would be okay.

I took a step, my right leg sounding out with a bright flash of pain quickly followed by one in my left leg. Each step hurt but I walked as well as I could until I was able to sit on a bench. Dew and water soaked into my pants, but I didn’t care.

I only knew I had to sit.

I waited for the spasms to pass, for the humming to stop. A woman was watching me and shook her head, whispered something to her co-worker. They had seen the whole thing. I felt myself blush, redden, in embarrassment.

They both passed me, giving me disdainful looks.

I wonder if they thought I was a bum or an alcoholic? Their minds had been made up by what they had witnessed.

Neither asked if I was alright.

Even now, I can feel the thrum of the spasm’s in my legs, my back responding every once in a while. It’s not one to be ignored for too long.

Even now I wonder if I should have said something, explained myself to those two women.

Even now, I wonder if it would have mattered.

Either way, I wait for the pain to pass, for the spasms to settle and think of things that bring me joy.

About Jamieson Wolf

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