Getting Up Again

Two steps at a Time cover

Today I had a fall at work.

It was really quick and fairly painless. I went to get back into my chair and lost my balance. The chair slid away from me and I was on my knees. I had fallen into my cubicle wall in an effort to stop myself from falling. I wasn’t successful. I’m still not sure how it happened.

I got up off the floor and sat in the chair. I’ve fallen lots of times, but it’s only one of a handful that’s happened at work. The other times, it happened in front of people I don’t work with. This time it did.

Every time I’ve fallen, at work or not, there is always this feeling of embarrassment. There is always this slight mortification. Then afterwards, there comes the anger-be it at myself or my body.

The fall this time was different not only because it happened in front of people I work with, but also because I was okay with it. No anger, no embarrassment, no mortification. I know that they may rear their ugly head again, that they will try to come back. I just have to choose not to listen to them.

Every time I fall, I will get up again and I will take those first steps. They can lead me anywhere.

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