Uncomfortable Fruit

This weekend was not pleasant.

 I spent Saturday helping my husband at a business EXPO and my body made sure I paid for it afterwards. After five hours of standing and sitting and talking to people, all I wanted was for my body to be quiet, even for a half hour.

This did not happen.

My leg muscles started part way in to the day and I knew my body was not finished. My back and shoulders were spasming by mid afternoon and by the time we left, I was in a subtle agony; it seems to be a state that I keep coming back to, revisiting even though I do not miss it when it’s gone.

Perhaps Cerebral Palsy is like the family member you wish would go away? The aunt you see on a daily basis who you wish would leave you be and stop pinching your damn cheeks.

Yesterday was painful. I could barely walk. Robert and I went to the market to get fruit and some groceries. I could barely walk up the stairs. I had to take them one at a time, pushing with everything I had to get up that step. And the next step. And the next.

One step at a time.

Walking back home, my legs felt like stone and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I did, of course. I always do.

I just wish it wasn’t so damn uncomfortable.

About Jamieson Wolf

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