A Guessing Game

My legs are talking again.

I can feel them throbbing with the want to scream their lungs out. If legs had lungs that is.

Their conversation is particularly loud today as I make my way to work. My left leg seems to be particularly pissed off at the right leg; it seizes up and I can barely walk on it. I know I’m limping and that people are looking, but I keep walking anyway.

The left one buzzes with the injustice of being so insulted. I can feel the muscles stretching and contracting and I hope, pray, wish that I can make it to the bus stop so that I will have a moment to sit.

The bus is my salvation in the mornings. I get to sit for a few moment while my legs calm themselves down and make up, fixing whatever slight there was between them. This morning, the bus smelled like urine, but I didn’t care. I was sitting.

I know that I am in for another heated conversation between my legs on my trip home. Even now, sitting at my desk, I can feel my calf muscles begin to tingle. I can always tell if a spasm is going to come because my legs begin to throb.

Sort of like an early warning system for spasms instead of tornado’s.

My left leg is buzzing, chittering, chattering, throbbing. I can feel my right leg (never one to be left out of the fun) starting to spasm and tingle and I wonder which one will cause me the most pain this time.

I try to make a game out of it, try to guess which leg will go numb on my walk home. It’s always one or the other, thankfully never both at the same time. I’m usually wrong and it distresses me that I still don’t know my body after all this time.

I wonder if I will have to find a bench to sit on part way home like I had to last night. I couldn’t keep walking. I was in the mall and saw the nirvana of a chair, unoccupied, waiting for my buttocks to mark their place and for my legs to find comfort.

I remember walking towards the chair thinking: One more step and I get to sit down. Another step and I get to sit down. I can do this, I’m almost at the chair, one more step and I can sit down. One more step, one step, one step, one, one, one.

I hope that my legs don’t have such a heated conversation tonight. When my legs are angry, they cause me such pain.

Which one will it be tonight?

Let the guessing game begin.

About Jamieson Wolf

Jamieson an award winning, number-one bestselling author. He writes in many different genres. Learn more at www.jamiesonwolf.com
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