Walking the Walk for the Seventh Time

IMG_20200524_131319_433It’s hard to believe that this years MS Walk was my seventh time. It’s also hard to believe the times we are in.

When I did my first MS Walk back in 2014, it took me just under an hour to walk three kilometers. However, it was a walk of joy. There were thousands of other people walking with me and I was walking with my mother and my friends. I was one in amongst a crowd of others who either had MS or those who were walking for those that had MS.

This year, I walked with my Husband. Thanks to Covid-19, the MS Walk was a virtual affair. However, I decided that I really wanted to walk the five kilometers. I had raised money for the walk, over one thousand dollars, and I wanted to. We took a walk around our neighbourhood and I saw parts of it that I’ve never seen before. We got to walk under the gorgeous sun and enjoy the beautiful day.

We weren’t alone either. On our walk, we saw lots of other people out and about and enjoying the day. Everyone was in a good mood and we said hello to all of them. Even better, we ended up completing the five kilometer walk in just under an hour.

I can’t help but think of my first walk seven years ago in 2014. It took me just under an hour to walk three kilometers. This year, we walked five kilometers in just under an hour, beating last years record of an hour and ten minutes.IMG_20200524_131451_696

That first walk in 2014 almost didn’t happen. I nearly quit when we were right near the end and thanks to some motivation by the people I was walking with, I finished the walk. I’ve fought to grow stronger every year since then. Thankfully my progress shows.

Today, I was reminded why I bothered with doing the MS Walk every year: To prove to myself that I can and to do the walk for those that can’t. Every time I am able to complete the walk, especially at 5 kilometres, I celebrate because I remember a time I couldn’t even do three kilometers, let alone one. I remember the time where I could not walk at all.

I think that a part of me always remembers those two months where I was bedridden but thankfully, those memories have been given a softer focus over time. It’s not as horrible when I think of that time like it used to be. Now, looking back on that moment and the year and a half that it took me to speak and walk again, I am in awe that my journey has led me here.

Walking beside my husband today as the sun shone upon us, I was filled with a peace and a happiness that I never could have imagined when the Multiple Sclerosis hit almost eight years ago. I am constantly reminded of what it is that I have to be grateful for and what I have to be thankful for.

The MS has shown me this and it did so again today. Though I wasn’t walking with a large team of friends and family in amongst a crowd of thousands of people, I’m still walking all these years later and I am filled with so much happiness. That is a reason to celebrate.

Today, I am thankful.


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