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When the Invisible Becomes the Visible

I’m lucky, I know that. Unlike a lot of other people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy, mine hide most of the time. I wear them under the skin and the way they affect my body usually can’t … Continue reading

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Sorry, Cher. It was nothing personal…

I was supposed to go and see Cher and Cyndi Lauper in concert last night. I didn’t go and sold my ticket. Instead, I got the rest I needed to take part in The MS Walk. When I purchased my … Continue reading

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Relax Days

The other day, my right side was numb upon waking. My arm and right leg were heavy, as if I was moving through jello. I was able to get out and go to work without my cane. The numbness worried … Continue reading

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Grooving with Joy

 Today marks the start of four weeks I’ve walked without my cane. For the first two weeks, I brought with me to work and when I went out. For the past week and a half, I’ve left it at home. … Continue reading

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Without Hugo

I’ve learned something about myself and I really love when that happens. After my ride on the bus the other day, I decided to see what my legs could do. I decided to see what I was truly capable of. … Continue reading

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Recognizing the Warning Signs

The weeks leading up to the Holiday Season are tough going for a lot of people; but it’s what you do. You have to see all the friends and loved ones over the holidays, spreading joy and doing what you … Continue reading

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A Cloak of Needles

It started last night. I was sitting at a potluck dinner table. I just remember feeling a blinding red flash of pain cross my shoulders. As I sat there, it ran down my spine and through the rest of my … Continue reading

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Flashback Falling

I had another fall yesterday. Before I got sick in January, I had a fall down the back steps in my apartment building. I was taking out the trash and was coming back inside. It’s a relatively small flight of … Continue reading

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Limitations of the Labyrinth

 They used to call me the Wolf that never sleeps. In 2012, I had the great fortune to have twenty three books published in the year. In 2011, I had fifteen books released, in 2010 there were thirteen. I worked … Continue reading

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Symptoms From Then and Now

There are a lot of things I don’t understand about my body as of late. It’s been challenging as on any given day my body will rebel on me in some fashion. It’s been difficult to find balance between the … Continue reading

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