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Relearning How to Live

This is a piece that I was asked to write for today, the International Day of Person’s with Disabilities. It was published in a newsletter at work and while it was nerve wracking to put myself out there like that, … Continue reading

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The Lion and the Internal Orchestra

I’d like to take a moment to talk about pain. Everyone experiences pain differently. Maybe it’s muscle pain or internal pain. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both. For myself, there is no rhyme and reason to it. My Multiple Sclerosis … Continue reading

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Heavy Metal Days and the Strength Card

I am in pain of some sort twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I never get a vacation or a day off, I never get to go on a holiday from the pain. It is my constant companion … Continue reading

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Pooped (Pun Intended)

I take three medications every day. I take Copaxone to help halt the Multiple Sclerosis. It’s doing a bang up job, thank goodness. I also take Backlofin and Vessicare. The Backlofin helps prevent or lessen the spasms that are caused … Continue reading

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When the Invisible Becomes the Visible

I’m lucky, I know that. Unlike a lot of other people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis or Cerebral Palsy, mine hide most of the time. I wear them under the skin and the way they affect my body usually can’t … Continue reading

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Relax Days

The other day, my right side was numb upon waking. My arm and right leg were heavy, as if I was moving through jello. I was able to get out and go to work without my cane. The numbness worried … Continue reading

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A Cloak of Needles

It started last night. I was sitting at a potluck dinner table. I just remember feeling a blinding red flash of pain cross my shoulders. As I sat there, it ran down my spine and through the rest of my … Continue reading

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Grateful and Thankful

My body is unsure of itself. I wake up with my legs feeling like someone has tightened all my muscles during the night. Walking is difficult and wobbly. I know it’s because of the spasms that happen during the night … Continue reading

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Wishful Dancing

I am sure that my legs have it in for me. Yesterday, on the buss, I completely lost my balance. One moment I was standing, and then, when the driver turned, my legs gave out. I fell into the lap … Continue reading

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Thankful for Pain

Last week, another package came for me. I knew that I would have to pick it up at the post office. I am ashamed to admit that I was afraid to go. I was afraid to go to the Post … Continue reading

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