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The Challenges I Overcome

I was asked to give a talk to the people I work with to celebrate the International Day of Person’s with Disabilities. These are the notes that I wrote. I planned to read them out loud, but ended up just … Continue reading

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Embracing the Changing Landscape

If having Multiple Sclerosis has taught me anything, it’s to try to embrace change, however much I dislike it. I had another MRI in April of this year, my first in a while. I finally had my MRI follow up … Continue reading

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The Whispering of the Trees

I entered this in the CBC Non Fiction Prize. While I didn’t place in the long list, that’s all good as I can now share it with all of you.   The world had fallen around me. The dark forest … Continue reading

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Please Help Save the MS Clinic!

I learned something distressing before the MS Walk began this year. The MS Clinic at the General Hospital could close in five days due to lack of funding. This can’t be allowed to happen. I can stress how amazing the … Continue reading

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Sparkle On!

I had my neurologist appointment last week. After a quick catch up on how I was doing and how my symptoms were my neurologist took me through all the regular physical tests: touching my hands and my feet with a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Max Shadow

Tomorrow, on August 21st 2014, I will have had Multiple Sclerosis for one year. Of course, there’s some wiggle room in that. According to the doctors, I should have been diagnosed four years ago. My Cerebral Palsy helped to mask … Continue reading

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“It’s hard to walk today”

I had trouble getting off the bus this morning. The driver stopped in front of the mall instead of at the bus stop. Thus, when I got off the bus, I was partially in the street. A few cars honked … Continue reading

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A Gentle Quiet

I have been quiet lately.   This is not due to depression, thank goodness. It is simply due to the fact that life has taken me up in a whirlwind and has only just put me down again. For the … Continue reading

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Birthday Reminders

I was born on August 22nd, 1978. Every year around my birthday I am reminded that I was supposed to have died   My mother, young and frightened, felt her contractions starting late one evening and was rushed to the … Continue reading

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A Birthday Dream

I did not sleep well last night. I was dreaming again. I have been cursed or blessed (I’m not sure which) with being able to remember almost all my dreams in photographic detail. Sometimes this is a good thing: a … Continue reading

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